Security Officers

Security GuardsFor over twenty-five years, Kent Security has set a standard of Security Officer excellence that continues to confound an industry that is, sadly, littered with underachievers, corporate giants, and fly-by-nights. With the aggressive recruitment of the finest candidates, comprehensive background examinations, thorough training, and a supervision system that insures accountability, Kent Security is blazing a trail of tremendous quality and value.

Whether your needs require unarmed Officers, armed Officers, K-9 Officers, or Security Officers with medical training and certifications, our team of security professionals can craft a unique plan of service, and staff it with superior personnel, to give you the high performance and peace of mind you deserve.

Cell Phones With GPS

Kent Security Services utilizes the latest and greatest that technology has to offer. Using state-of-the-art equipment most commonly found in cellular telephones and radios, Kent Security can monitor each roving officer with GPS technology. Kent can pinpoint the actual location of our security staff at any time of the day or night.

By providing this service, Kent Security is able to ensure that all of our Officers are making their proper rounds and following their given post orders.

24/7 Video Monitoring & Recording

Kent Security Services stands out as the leader of security providers. To ensure our continued status, Kent Security goes above and beyond the competition. With the internet as strong and robust as it is, Kent has been able to make advances in security services. At no additional cost to our clients, Kent installs a high speed internet line, a quality color IP camera, and the technology to deliver a "real-time" video feed to our 24/7 live dispatch/command center. We see and record the activity at each community, then store the information on our main server. With this technology, we are able to monitor our Security Officers while we ensure the safety of our clients.

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